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Take photography on your smartphone to the next level with Pikura. Take part on photo challenges and showcase the world your talent, creativity and ingenuity with the camera!

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Challenge the world! Create and take part in challenges of any theme you can think of.

Take Photos

Participate on any challenge by uploading photos to prove that you dared to do it.


Vote the best photos on each challenge. Get the most votes for your photos and win the challenges.


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Who is behind Pikura?

Equipo Pikura

Hi there! We are Joe Fernandez Gorroño and Pablo Moncunill Osona. We met each other at the university and since then we haven’t stopped to experiment with the endless possibilities that new technologies offer. With Pikura we want to offer a new experience in the photography apps space. As it could not be otherwise, we encourage you to download Pikura now and try it, we would love to hear your impressions. Please, do not hesitate to contacts us at info@pikuraapp.com